Sewing for Syria
Wednesday, December 09, 2015
As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

It's been a while! long enough that I've even missed blogging and reading the blogs I used to frequent - will try and get back to that.

I have been productive though!
It all started when I was helping the Sunrise Rotary Club sew fabric sanitary pads for the school girls in the Dominican Republic. After seeing how awesome the project - my mom suggested we make some for the Syrian refugees too. Between the Muslim Moms of Durham Region, four ladies in Mississauga, the non-profit organization Fiysabiylillah, donations from Joyce, Meghan and the store Lingerie 4 U - we were able to complete that project. AlhumduliLlah.

I hope this post encourages others to make them, and send them to women around the globe that need them. It's something not many people thing of, but is very much needed. I hope to carry on this project, and help others - if you're interested in joining me, or can help with donations please contact me.

Here is the pattern we used, if the link doesn't work - please email me directly at
Pattern and Instructions

We managed to make 234 kits all together. Each kit had one shield, five liners and one underwear.

 We included instructions on how to use everything.

Everything was packed and delivered on December 5/2015 to the Um Anas clothing store, where they would take it to the container ready to be shipped out. 

Lingerie 4 U (located at Whitby Mall) donated 200 underwear, which was such a huge help.

A HUGE thank you to all those that helped!

Thanks to all the members of the Muslim Moms in Durham for their donations, sewing help, encouragement and financial help.
Thanks to Meghan from County Cloth Creations, and to Joyce from the Whitby Rotary Sunrise Club for their donations.
Thanks to Fozia and all the lovely ladies part of Fiysabiylilah for their donations, and help with sewing - lots of sewing!!
Thanks to the four sisters in Mississauga who helped with sewing more than 200 liners.
Thanks to all those that shared the project with others, and sent their prayers and encouragement.
Thanks to Meso and Wadhha for their help with Arabic translation which was used for the instructions.
Thanks to Um Anas for organizing a container to insha'Allah reach the refugees in Syria.

We also have a sister in New York and a group of ladies in Atlanta who are sewing these, and will be sending it directly from there.

May Allah (God) reward you all with the very best in this world and in the next. Ameen.

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