Eating With Your Right Hand
Thursday, November 08, 2012
As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

This weeks coloring page. Not sure if I'll have time to continue drawing more, as I'm working on a mural that's keeping me busy - maybe every other week, insha'Allah.

Click to enlarge: Print 'landscape'

Comment: This hadith was reported by 'Umar bin Abu Salamah. When he was a boy under the care of the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa-salaam) this is what he was taught. And we need to teach our children the same. Teach them to always say 'Bismillah' before eating anything, they must use their right hand, and take what food is in front of them.

Happy coloring!!


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At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Slms sister, I really enjoy your blog! Are you able to advise me about what brands of soap and shampoo are halal in Canada?


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Sketched Soul

Jazak'Allahu khair for the visit :) know I looked into this a while back, and it was SO minute something is okay, the next it isn't.

So for shampoo I use a shampoo bar (the one in Lush is good, expensive though..but it last long) Bulk barn also sells a shampoo bar (like $3, lasts very long).

For soap, I use 'Dial' body wash - and I think Dial soap doesn't have any animal products in either.

I stopped using Noxzema face wash - I used to love that thing!!!! It has (not sure if they changed anything) pig gelatin in :/

That is all I know..sorry, not much.

Take care


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